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At AMAC Roofing Sheeting Cladding Ltd we offer a wide range of roofing services.

From newbuild and design, to maintenance and repair, we're able to assist with all roofing projects.

Where required, our team are also happy to provide expert advice and guidance on what solution is best suited for your building and budget.

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Our flat roofing services are in no way limited, and we’ve worked on very large commercial flat roofs, such as schools, factories, and sports complexes.

We know the advantages of our systems and whether you require domestic flat roofing, commercial, or a builder service, we can best advise you on your property, making sure you get long-lasting protection.

To solve flat roof problems we use a single ply, seamless rubber membrane which is manufactured from firestone tyres which means your flat roof is guaranteed for over 20 years.



AMAC Roofing Cladding Sheeting Ltd are an authorised RubberBond roofing contractor & are specialists in all aspects of single-ply roof systems.

RubberBond is a remarkable roofing solution that:

  • Repels all moisture, snow and rain.
  • Is flexible and easily bends with no stress, to follow the contours of the roof, upstands to walls, check curb edges, skylights, pipes, terminations into gutters and the like, giving a quality finish.
  • Can stretch with up to 300% elongation, which easily accommodates natural building movement.
  • Is not affected by extremes of temperature.
  • Will not tear, split or crack with age.
  • Is manufactured in large sheet sizes from 3.05 to metres wide and up to 30.5 metres long.

RubberBond flat roofing is installed, solely by authorised roofing contractors like AMAC, who are responsible for the integrity and performance of the finished roof.

The RubberBond EPDM flat roofing system is guaranteed for a period of 20 years to prevent the ingress of rain or snow


Our double skin roofing services are in no way limited, and this roofing system is ideal for reducing condensation and helping to minimize heat loss through the roof space.

Double skin roofing systems are used in a wide range of buildings from large industrial and agricultural buildings to small domestic buildings.

It’s extremely versatile solution, allowing for a range of flexability in final design.  We are happy to provide guidance on and allow you to choose:

  • Top sheet profile
  • Colour
  • Finish
  • Depth of Installation
  • Features incorporated, such as roof lights

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This type of roofing refers to a style of roof that has panels that run vertically up the length of the roof, and seams that connect one panel to another. Their installation differs from traditional roofs as it allows them to create a snug and solid covering which is able to move under thermal expansion.

High quality standing seam roofs are extremely durable and hard-wearing. Unlike more traditional styles, standing seam roofs help to provide excellent protection against the elements. The outer sheet of the seams are available in a huge selection of colours and shapes, and seamless roofing is available in a large choice of materials, so you can be sure to find something that fits in with both your tastes and your budget.

Architectural components like tapers as well as roof penetration features, such as skylights and access hatches, can also be easily incorporated into the roof design.

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Our Zinc & Copper roofing solutions are available in a huge range of finishes.

Metal roofing solutions are becoming increasingly popular.  Aside from being aesthetically pleasing, they are also incredibly durable due to the material's natural corrosion and light-resistant properties.

The materials are also lightweight and easy to work with - furthermore they can also be used as cladding solutions, allowing entire buildings to be enveloped in matching materials.

We can provide guidance on which materials best suit your building and budget.  Don't hesitate to get in touch to discuss

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